What Vape Should I Buy For Beginners?

What Vape Should I Buy For Beginners?

If you’re new to vaping but haven’t tried a lot of different types yet, you may be wondering: What vape should I buy for beginners from Smok Novo? A starter pack includes the device, a charger, and a sample of the company’s house juice. But don’t get fooled by disposable e-cigs; a starter pack should be a high-quality vape with an anti-leak tank and overheat protection.

UwellPopreel N1:

The UwellPopreel N1 is a pod system that offers a satisfying vape experience. This device features a Pro-FOCS Technology, which helps to maximize the flavor of your e-liquid. This device also features a leakproof design and a strong magnet that prevents it from spilling. This mod is a great choice for beginners, thanks to its simplicity and features.

GeekvapeWenax K1:

The Wax K1 is a very convenient pod kit that is great for new vapers looking for a portable, pocket-sized e-cig. It has a 600mAh battery and a maximum output of 16W, so you’ll be able to vape wherever you go. This pod kit includes two specially designed 2ml pods and refillable batteries for added convenience.

Aspire PockeX:

The Aspire PockeX is an excellent e-cigarette for beginners. It is compact and comes with pre-installed coils. The airflow is medium, which is suitable for Direct-Lung and Mouth-to-Lung inhales. The device is easy to carry and charges with the micro USB charger. Its single-button design makes it easy to operate. Beginners can easily start vaping on the go.


The Juul vape comes in a cardboard package with all the information needed to use the device. It is almost the same size as a traditional cigarette, so you’re not going to have a problem understanding how to use it. The assembly is just a couple of inches long and weighs just a few grams, making it the lightest vape. Since it is incredibly comfortable, you don’t need to carry it.

The JUUL vape pen comes with six different flavored pods. One of these pods is flavored with Alpine Berry and sold only on the JUUL website. It is lightweight and durable and has a built-in 200-watt lithium battery. Pods are 0.7-ml in capacity and sealed, so they don’t leak. Beginners should count how many puffs they take, as it is easy to chain vape.